Just do it: How to yoga with infant

This is how I do yoga some days. Other days I manage a few minutes while baby is asleep and toddler is at the kindergarten.

The first 6 weeks of being a mother of two, I didn't manage more than a total of like 43 minutes of yoga, during that whole adjustment-period. It was really, really hard, and I've just never been that busy in my life, with Ibiza season being in full swing and our business full on.

When the Student Can Outdo the Teacher

So the genesis of this blog post is that Henrietta MacEwan posted an interesting question on this magazine’s Facebook page:

Can I just ask how would you handle a student coming in and asking you to help with pose that you cannot do? Many thanks.

So I realized that because I have lots of ideas about this, rather than writing a torturously long FB post, I could make it the scintillating, torturously longwinded blog post you have here! Anyway I want to continue the conversation, and would welcome others joining in.

Holding On


[Prefatory note: This post doesn’t have much to do with yoga, directly. It is just a meditation on our place and time. There are connections that can be made to yoga, in terms of “joining together,” in terms of ethical behavior of human beings to each other, but I just needed to focus on what has happened and how I feel about it, and I’m putting it here simply because I want to put it out there, this morning.]

Fred, or, Teaching Yoga to Veteran(s)

For a while now I’ve wanted to do some volunteer work with my yoga teaching. A couple years ago I trained with Connected Warriors but plans fell through for various reasons beyond my control (arrrg!) and I didn’t get on the roster till this year. However the first few times I was going to teach at the Brooklyn Veterans Centers there was no one showing up so it was cancelled.

A Gratitude for Rain


Dear Universe, Tlaloc or just plain God,

Thank you for the opportunity and privilege to receive your magic element on our land. We waited for it desperately however, and patiently. We called each other up days before you gave us your gift to announce the coming of it and rejoice at the mere thought of being blessed with your kindness. Our little plants and trees, bugs and birds, and dusted cars and porches are smiling with contentment.


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