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Just do it: How to yoga with infant

This is how I do yoga some days. Other days I manage a few minutes while baby is asleep and toddler is at the kindergarten.

The first 6 weeks of being a mother of two, I didn't manage more than a total of like 43 minutes of yoga, during that whole adjustment-period. It was really, really hard, and I've just never been that busy in my life, with Ibiza season being in full swing and our business full on.



I haven't said much lately, as i haven't had much to say. 

I haven't been teaching much lately, except the odd one hour class here and there. 

And now, suddenly, it's exploded: I teach three hour classes every day in a retreat centre and this morning I taught a private class in a luxury villa, by the pool, with stunning sea views… to three A-type New Yorkers!

Oh My God. 


Back to teaching on my roof in Ibiza.

We came back after our three month journey through Thailand, Laos and Cambodia around mid-March and just a short time after that I gave my first yoga class of the year in my yoga space: the roof of my house. Still not ready for the season the roof is uncovered and fully exposed to the sun, and it’s painted white. So the light is extremely strong and bright. Sunglasses must be worn by all!

Back In Love with Yoga!

Last time I wrote a blogpost I had conducted an experiment: NOT practicing yoga for a month. It was an interesting time, and what had instigated the experiment was that I experienced a sudden strong rejection of yoga. I started looking for alternative methods of exercise while criticising yoga. This has happened to me a few times during my past 12 years of yoga-travelling. Very few times, and with longer and longer periods in between…


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