RatPad from YogaRat

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by Ivan Nahem
RatPad by YogaRat, Yoga Teacher Magazine

This is a cool prop, very simple, quite handy. It’s basically just a cushiony pad. I believe it will be most useful to those with sensitive knees. I’ve brought it to a couple of classes and given it for trial to student (hi Luisa and Betsy!), who have a sensitive knees, and they loved it. It’s mobile enough for the task and it’s a less expensive alternative to some other kinds of pads. I’d say it’s best for quick placement under the knees on kneels; it can be used for headstand, or placed under the head in Savasana. The pad is “made from nontoxic, moisture-proof foam material that’s both recyclable and photodegradable.” And extra added bonus, it is embossed with a silhouette of the Yoga Rat in Padmasana, quite a charmer.

Ivan is the founder/editor of YTM.

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